Did You Know Dan Marino Almost Said No to Ace Ventura?

Not many know that Dan Marino, former Miami Dolphins quarterback, once considered declining a cameo role in the cult classic, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The reason? He found the script to be quite odd.

Jim Carrey's Clear Vision

Interestingly, his apprehension was turned around after he met with Jim Carrey. Known for his unique comedic style, Carrey had a distinct vision for the film, which played a major role in convincing Marino to accept the role.

From Football to Filmdom

Marino didn't just make a cameo; he played himself in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. This film has since become a beloved classic and continues to be enjoyed by viewers today. A humorous anecdote is that Marino's are more familiar with his acting stint than they are with his successful football .

The Plot

Within the storyline of the movie, Marino's character is kidnapped but is ultimately freed after sharing a hilarious scene with Carrey's character.

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to Miami Dolphins

After retiring from his stellar football career, Marino made a comeback to the Miami Dolphins team. But this time, he wore a different hat, as a special advisor.

From Field to Commercial

Stepping away from the football field and the big screen, Marino also paired up with Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith for a unique endeavor. They teamed up for an M&M's commercial, titled “Almost Champions,” set to air during the .

A Poke at Legends

This commercial takes a humorous jab at NFL legends who never managed to win a Super Bowl. It had its premiere on Sunday, February 11, setting the tone for the big game.

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