Shocking Truth: Sandoval’s Affair Results in Unexpected Breakup

In a shocking turn of events, and Raquel were found to be in a scandalous affair during season 10, which subsequently led to Sandoval and Ariana Madix parting ways.

The indiscretion became a hot topic of conversation during the BravoCon event held in Las Vegas. A clip clearly showing the aftermath of the was showcased during the discussion panel on the 3rd of November, causing waves among those present.

The cast faced various reactions on stage. Ariana Madix was met with support, whereas Sandoval was not so lucky, facing a chorus of boos from the crowd. Sandoval found himself booed once more when questioned about the affair and how he might have handled things differently. His response did him no favors, leading to even more dissent from the crowd, particularly when posed with the question of why he chose to attend the event at all.

Nevertheless, Sandoval found a defender in Lala, who bravely stood up for him, stating that she wouldn't be bothered if she were to be booed. She commended his courage to continue performing despite facing such backlash.

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Lala, while discussing the filming of in the wake of the scandal, revealed that she often had to endure being in the same room as Sandoval against her wishes. She voiced her belief that the focus shouldn't remain solely on Sandoval, and urged everyone to move forward.

Season 11 is said to have a different feel according to Lala, but nonetheless, it promises to be amazing. She shared some intriguing hints of surprising twists and turns in the upcoming season on her , “Give Them Lala”.

On a similar note, Scheana, another member of the cast, found the experience of filming the new season an emotionally draining one, further anticipating what lies ahead in season 11.

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