Breaking: Marques Houston’s Family Welcomes Another Joyous Addition

Welcome to a joyous announcement from the Houston family. Marques Houston and wife Miya Houston have started their December off with the birth of their second child, a son named Greyson.

Shared on on December 27, Greyson was born earlier in the month, on December 13, tipping the scales at 6 lbs., 2 oz. The couple is also proud parents to a daughter, Zara, who is 23 months old.

Marques Houston, who started off his as part of the R&B group Immature, seems to have found his biggest accomplishment in . Houston, now focusing on his career in writing and producing films, is known for his acting stints, especially in the sitcom ‘Sister, Sister'. But his joy and love for his growing family are evident on . He often expresses his deep appreciation for both his wife and the opportunity to be a father.

The Houston Love Story

Marques and Miya's love story began at a Jehovah's Witness convention in April 2018. The couple got engaged in March 2019, after five months of , and tied the knot in August 2020.

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Despite their 19-year age difference drawing criticism, Marques has remained steadfast and defended their love. He asserts that Miya was an adult when they started dating. He emphasizes the solid support they receive from their religious community and his family.

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