Discover How the Stars Celebrated Halloween: Shocking Outfits Revealed!

On last , Jason, an energetic 35-year-old, transformed himself into King Triton from The Little Mermaid. A look that was both flamboyant and fun.

Our sources tell us that his costume assembly was meticulous. It featured a sequined gold top shimmering under the festive lights, blue leggings with a distinctive scale print, and golden cuff bracelets lending an aura of regality. The ensemble was topped with a homemade crown, adhering to the DIY spirit of the holiday.

On the other hand, Travis, a year younger than Jason, chose not to immerse himself in the Halloween spirit. Unlike Jason, he opted for a plain sweater and a chain-link choker. Not quite the traditional Halloween attire, but then again, Travis was never known for following the crowd.

Comments and Critiques

Travis seemed to find amusement in critiquing Jason's costume, specifically making a comment about his exposed belly button. Not one to take it lying down, Jason swiftly defended his costume choice. He referenced both the original Little Mermaid movie, where Triton is shirtless and the version, where he's seen wearing a blue chest plate.

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Celebrity Encounters

Travis, despite his lack of costume, reportedly celebrated Halloween in . Pop sensation , 33, flew to Travis' home in Kansas City to join the Halloween . There was speculation that the pair considered dressing up as power couple David and Victoria Beckham. Alas, there are no confirmed reports of what they eventually wore or didn't wear for the occasion.

A Family Affair

On the trick-or-treat front, Jason disclosed an interesting fact about his neighborhood – the absence of sidewalks, which results in a noticeable lack of trick-or-treaters. But Jason, along with his partner Kylie, 31, has a delightful remedy for this situation. They typically take their kids to Kylie's parents' house to keep the trick-or-treating tradition alive.

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