Discover How This Non-Traditional Family Spends Christmas Together

Sharing glimpses of their Christmas Eve celebrations, a couple has recently lit up social media. Interestingly, the festive moments also provide an insight into the dynamics of their blended .

On the evening of December 24, 46-year-old Holmes found pleasure in spending quality time with his 10-year-old daughter, Sabine. They dove into the holiday spirit with a movie marathon that included films like Violent Night and MEGAN. In a light-hearted moment, Holmes shared how Sabine couldn't contain her excitement and woke up early, unable to wait to unwrap her gifts.

Aside from Sabine, Holmes is a father to two more , Brianna and Jaiden, from his previous . Alternatively, Robach, 50, spent a cozy girls' night with her daughters Ava, 19, and Annalise, 16, savoring a steak dinner. Robach also shares a strong bond with her three stepsons, courtesy of her current husband, Andrew Shue.

Holmes and Robach, their shared moments becoming quite a regular sight. Their relationship came to light after they were spotted in an affectionate display outside their office over a year ago. This led them to part ways with their respective partners, although they assert that their previous had ended before they began seeing each other.

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Discussing their Relationship

On their , aptly named “Amy and T.J.”, the pair often delve into the details of their relationship. Among the range of topics, how their children initially perceived their relationship stands out. They emphasize their considerate approach towards their children's sentiments and have been patient in allowing them to adjust and adapt at their own pace.

Things now seem to be “peaceful”, as stated by Robach, and they are keen on maintaining this tranquility. Interestingly, Sabine has shown a desire to spend more time with Robach, her father's new partner. Holmes happily complies, letting Sabine set the tone of their interactions. He remarks that her involvement in activities with him and Robach is completely voluntary, further underlining their thoughtful approach towards their children's feelings.

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