The Surprising Fitness Routine of 41-Year-Old Star, Clarkson

Embrace a journey through the personal and professional life of the multi-talent star, Clarkson. At 41, she's making a significant splash in NYC, with her fresh routine and a distinct approach to eating. Immerse in the experience she shares with her kids, understand her body positivity advocacy and much more.

Adopting a Fresh Fitness Routine

Clarkson's personal fitness regime is as intriguing as her personality. The 41-year-old star has found joy in walking and warming up in infrared saunas. Recently, she expanded her routine with a new addition – a cold plunge. The variety in her fitness approaches shows a commitment towards maintaining her health.

Experiencing NYC with Her Children

Clarkson isn't exploring the city alone. She shares this adventure with her two children, River, aged 9, and Remington, aged 7. They spend time walking their dogs, treating themselves to ice cream, crafting slime, and absorbing culture at museums. The city vibes and the quality time they spend together make their experience more delightful.

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Finding Balance in Nutrition

Listening to her doctor's advice has helped Clarkson in her weight loss journey. She maintains a balanced , combining a variety of foods, with a special emphasis on protein-rich nutrients. This approach has proven successful for her and reflects her commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The Big Move to NYC

In 2022, Clarkson made a significant life move. She shifted her family and her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, from Los Angeles to NYC. While initially, she doubted the decision, describing it as “horrible,” she now basks in the of her NYC abode. The move was primarily motivated by the of her and her children, showcasing her prioritization of wellbeing.

Advocacy for Body Positivity

Being vocal about her life and , Clarkson has become a strong advocate for body positivity. She has shared her weight loss journey, which started in 2018 when she changed her diet for managing an autoimmune disease and thyroid problem. She switched to a diet free from GMOs and pesticides, a decision that paid off in her favor.

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Facing Personal Challenges Head-on

Clarkson has faced personal challenges with admirable courage. She refuted claims of her ex-husband and former talent manager, who suggested she lacked the “sexiness” to join The Voice. She disclosed that he had insinuated that NBC wanted a sex symbol for the role. Regardless, Clarkson has never let such opinions set her back.

Closing a Chapter of Her Life

Clarkson is set to make the final spousal support payment to her ex-husband, Blackstock, this year. Eager to put this phase behind her, she feels a sense of relief as the closure nears. She looks forward to welcoming the new chapters that life has in store for her.

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