Discover the Hidden Love Story of Benson and Davis

Following the arrival of their little one, Benson, 34, and Davis, 45, were recently spotted together in Westwood, California. Their journey into has been nothing short of wonderful, which began before they made their love public in early 2023.

Starting as Friends

The couple's relationship first became public knowledge in January 2023, but according to a source, their transition from friends to lovers was healthy and filled with love. They didn't wait long to announce their relationship to the world, taking to in June 2023 to confirm the rumors.

Romance Blossoms

After becoming Instagram official, the pair wasted no time in moving their relationship to the next level. In July 2023, Benson let her in on a little secret by sharing a photo of her engagement ring on her Instagram Story with the charming caption, “My best frienddddd. I love you.” Davis, not skipping a beat, reposted the photo with the words “Love of my life.”

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Baby on the Way

Barely three months after their engagement announcement, news broke that Benson was expecting their first child. At the time, Benson was said to be around four months pregnant. Eager to be a first-time mom, Benson's excitement was infectious, and her family couldn't have been happier for her.

A second insider provided further insight, revealing that the was not a surprise. Benson, who had always desired to be a mom, had mentioned her hopes of starting a family with Davis. Interestingly, this wasn't the first time Benson expressed her desire to have children. Back in September 2019, Benson disclosed her plans of having a big family and even purchased vintage T-shirts for her future kids.

Secrets and Privacy

Adding to the list of their life-changing decisions, it was discovered in November 2023, that Benson and Davis had secretly tied the knot. Despite their relationship's rapid progression, the pair managed to maintain a degree of privacy. This echoes Benson's previously expressed sentiment about keeping her private to safeguard them.

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On February 29, Benson introduced her newborn to the world via Instagram Story, marking another milestone in their journey together.

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