Shocking Love Story: How Allen and Harbour’s Unexpected Romance Began!

Renowned personalities, Allen, 38, and Harbour, 48, were spotted together at a Cleveland Cavaliers game. This appearance comes two months after the couple joyfully celebrated their third anniversary.

Keegan-Michael Key along with his wife, Elle, joined them, adding to the star-studded evening. Their wardrobe choices were understated, with Allen choosing a beige sweater paired with black trousers and Harbour opting for a monochromatic all-black ensemble.

Their Love Story

Allen and Harbour first caught the public eye when they were seen together in London, back in August 2019. A couple of months later in October, the speculation about their was confirmed at an event conducted by the Skin Foundation. By the end of 2019, chatter about their potential engagement was already doing rounds.

Allen later announced her engagement to Harbour in May 2020. The couple decided to tie the knot in a quiet ceremony in Las Vegas in September 2020.

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Family Life

Allen, from her former to Cooper, 45, is a mother to two daughters, Ethel, 11, and Marnie, 10. Her relationship with Cooper ended in in 2016, after five years of togetherness.

In an interesting revelation in June 2021, Harbour shared that it was Allen's kids who convinced him to go ahead with the marriage during the pandemic.

Life after Marriage

Two years into their marriage, an inside source shared that the bond between Allen and Harbour has only grown stronger. They were described as “reformed hell-raisers”, now shifting their focus on more meaningful aspects of life.

It's reported that their shared interests such as reading, exploring new places, working out, and playing games have brought them even closer. Despite their demanding careers, it's noted that the couple is seemingly in a happier place than ever before.

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