Discover the Makeup Primer That’s Taken the Internet by Storm!

Looking for a primer that ensures your makeup stays intact throughout the day and night? Experience a that makes you say goodbye to makeup melting off your face in just a few hours.

Inspired by a Super Bowl Commercial

The Power Grip Primer, a must-try product, was brought into the spotlight by Jennifer Coolidge's commercial. Initially sticky on application, the primer, once entirely dried, feels light and unnoticeable on the skin.

Partner for Flawless Makeup

This primer guarantees your makeup stays put throughout the day, creating a smooth canvas for your makeup application. Easy to apply, the primer is used after applying sunscreen on a clean face, allowing it to dry completely before a layer of foundation or concealer. The result is a makeup finish that withstands even humid climates.

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Duo for Perfect Nourishment

When combined with a gel-based serum specifically designed for dry skin, you have a perfect duo. This serum incorporates hyaluronic acid, providing necessary hydration and nourishment to your skin. For individuals aiming to tackle dullness and uneven skin tone, a version of the primer with 4% niacinamide comes highly recommended.

Impressive Ratings and Reviews

The Power Grip Primer and its partner serum have accumulated over 20,000 ratings on , paired with commendable reviews. Customers have found the primer to outperform its more costly counterparts, leaving them amazed at its , especially considering its affordable price tag.

Ethical and Quality Assurance

Not only does this brand provide quality, but it also stands on ethical ground. Committing to a no-harm policy, the brand refrains from the use of damaging chemicals and prohibits animal testing of their products.

User Rating

With all these features in mind, the Power Grip Primer receives an overall user rating of 10/10, adding another reason to consider making it a part of your makeup kit.

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