Discover the Secret Behind This Oscar-Winning Actress’s Glowing Skin!

Acclaimed and Oscar winner, aged 61, recently divulged her régime and the key steps to her routine in a video feature for Vogue. Among her cosmetic staples, a versatile blush stick stands out.

's Popular Blush Stick

Available at Nordstrom, the product boasts over 1,300 positive reviews, with many patrons appreciating its beneficial effects on maturing skin, and deeming it a worthy purchase. Catering to an array of preferences, the blush stick is available in a spectrum of six shades, ranging from soft pink nuances to more vibrant pops of color.

Dual Functionality and Skin Benefits

The blush stick is not only reasonably priced considering its dual function, but it also offers substantial skincare benefits. Its creamy texture and clean formulation help hydrate, strengthen, firm, and detox the skin. It provides medium coverage that can be built upon, leaving a satin finish on the skin. As a lip product or a blush, it can be applied directly to the cheekbones or dabbed onto the lips.

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Size Variations and Value

The versatile product comes in two sizes. Currently, the smaller size is only available in the ‘Petal' shade. Despite this, the larger variant is perceived as offering a more attractive value proposition.

Endorsement by Yeoh

Yeoh herself is a proponent of the blush stick, using it to accentuate her cheekbones for a highlighted effect. This endorsement further validates the credibility and the appeal of this dual-purpose product.

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