“Ex-Bachelor Star Lace Morris’ Shocking baby Announcement”

Former Bachelor star, Lace Morris, has just welcomed her first child into the world, a baby boy named Liam Lee, fathered by her partner, Ryan John Nelson.

Morris, who is primarily known for her appearances on the reality , The Bachelor, first graced our screens in 2016. Her journey on the show took a promising turn as she got engaged to Grant Kemp while on Bachelor in Paradise. Sadly, the was short-lived, ending just two months later.

In a surprising twist, she made her way back to Bachelor in Paradise in 2022 but didn't find this time round, leaving the show without a partner.

Morris’ Pregnancy Journey

In August , the world learned of Morris' pregnancy. She revealed that her due date was set for the following March and soon after, joyfully disclosed that she was expecting a boy.

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Morris was not shy about updating her on her pregnancy journey. She frequently posted about her experiences on social media, including when she hit the halfway mark at 20 weeks and loved showing off her growing bump.

One aspect of her pregnancy that she shared with her followers was her anterior placenta. While this common condition does make it more difficult for a mother to feel her baby's movements, it generally doesn't pose any significant risks.

Morris and Nelson’s Relationship

Before announcing her pregnancy, Morris had been closely guarding her relationship with Nelson from the public eye. However, the couple began to open up more about their bond after the announcement, with Morris providing more insight into their romantic relationship in an October 2023 post.

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