Ex-NFL Star JJ Watt Claps Back at Online Critic Over Son’s Wardrobe Choice

A recent incident ignited when J.J. Watt, an ex- player and father of one, defended his son's choice of clothing against an online critic. This article uncovers the details of the and delves into Watt's life as a retired athlete and a new father.

At 34 years of age, J.J. Watt found himself in a position to respond to an online user who criticized the attire of his son. His 15-month-old son, Koa, was photographed wearing a grey peacoat during a trip in London. The critic pointed out that Watt should have dressed Koa in something more comfortable.

Never one to back down, Watt fired back at the critic. He revealed that Koa chose the coat, suggesting that the critic had no place presuming what his son finds comfortable.

Family Life of Watt

Watt exchanged vows with Kealia Ohai Watt in 2020. Their son, Koa, was born a couple of years later, in October 2022. The birth of his son had a profound impact on Watt's life decisions, including his .

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The former Arizona Cardinals player announced his retirement from NFL in 2022. He attributed this decision significantly to the birth of his son. Watt expressed a strong desire to concentrate on being an exceptional father, acknowledging the commitment, energy, and time it demands.

Watt on Fatherhood

In a chat with Us Weekly, Watt shared his experiences of being a father. He discussed the challenges and rewards that come along and how it reshaped his outlook on time and responsibility.

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