Could This Be the Biggest Twist in ‘When Calls the Heart’ History?

Casting light on the mysterious romantic dynamics of the Hallmark Channel series, When Calls the Heart, actress Erin Krakow shares some intriguing details about her character, Elizabeth, and her complex .

Krakow hints at the possibility of a romantic relationship between her character and Nathan, another character from the series. The actress, however, remains vague, underlining that no definite decision has been made yet and suggesting it might feel premature to pair them up.

Unrequited Love in Season 8

In a turn of events in the 8th season, Nathan openly declared his feelings towards Elizabeth. Unfortunately for him, Elizabeth wasn't open to his affections and she ended up getting engaged to Lucas Bouchard, a character brought to life by Chris McNally.

A Twist of Events in Season 10

Bringing a surprising twist in the storyline, the 10th season had Elizabeth calling off her engagement with Lucas, which brought a dramatic change in the relationship dynamics. The actress makes a point to stress the need to honor the past relationship of Elizabeth and Lucas in the series.

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A Slow-Burning Romance?

While Krakow teases the audience about the potential slow and beautiful unfolding of a between Elizabeth and Nathan, she underscores that the characters are not rushing into anything. In addition, she wonders if Nathan still harbors feelings for Elizabeth as it's been quite some time since his last confession in the third season.

The Dance of Love

Adding another layer to this romantic puzzle, Krakow suggests that Nathan might be uncertain about Elizabeth's feelings towards him post her with Lucas. She describes their relationship status as a ‘dance'.

McGarry’s Viewpoint

Actor McGarry, who plays the character of Nathan, provides his perspective on the matter. He appears to believe that his character and Elizabeth share a deep connection and are ultimately destined to end up together, in spite of her past decision of choosing Lucas over him. Referring to Nathan's ongoing single status, he believes it's a testament to Nathan's wait for Elizabeth. He states his belief that the duo is an ‘endgame'.

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Season 11 Premiere

Anticipation is high for the next chapter of the romantic saga in of When Calls the Heart, all set to premiere on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, April 7, at 9 p.m. ET.

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