How a Social Media Influencer Handles the Public Dissolution of Friendships

Nicole, a 32-year-old influencer, recently shared her thoughts on the public dissolution of friendships, a topic many can relate to.

She mentioned on that sometimes, individuals are meant for a specific time period in your life and not beyond that. Nicole also highlighted the importance of handling the that comes with such endings while simultaneously focusing on sustaining existing friendships and paving the way for potential future connections.

Friendship Fallout

Nicole's statements came after a noticeable incident last month when she publicly unfollowed two of her former close friends, Brittany and Patrick. Confirming the same, she mentioned that she had explained her reasons for this decision to them in person.

This unfollowing occurred after Brittany became friends with the new girlfriend of Nicole's ex-boyfriend, Kelce. Nicole and Kelce, 34, had a romantic relationship that spanned from 2017 to 2022.

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Kelce and Swift

Kelce has been linked with singer Taylor Swift, 33, since September. Swift recently hosted an viewing party which was attended by Brittany and other partners of the Chiefs, including Kelce. Sources indicate that Swift is enjoying her newfound friendships with the Chiefs' partners.

Nicole has openly discussed the emotional toll her separation from Kelce has taken on her. She began therapy to deal with the surge in his popularity. While not directly commenting on Kelce and Swift's relationship, she indicated that therapy has proven beneficial.

Moving On

She also shared some advice for her past self, suggesting she should have prepared herself better for the public intrigue surrounding Kelce's life. Interestingly, Nicole seems to have found a new interest in Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. She recently posted a video of Hurts, 25, at an NBA game and interacted humorously with fans' comments on her post.

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