Shocking! Miami Housewife Breaks Trust Over Cancer Secret

of Miami star Guerdy, 45, has publicly voiced her discontentment with Larsa, 49, for revealing her private health matters to people she didn't confide in herself. This has sparked an interesting discussion around privacy and trust amongst friends and co-stars.

Broken Confidence

Guerdy confided in Larsa about her breast diagnosis, explicitly requesting her to keep it a secret. This request, however, was not honored by Larsa, who ended up spilling the beans to her friends and other acquaintances from the show.

Larsa’s Perspective

Interestingly, Larsa didn't seem to feel any guilt or acknowledge any wrongdoing on her part. She remained nonchalant about the whole incident, causing further disruption in her with Guerdy.

Guerdy’s Journey with Cancer

Throwing light on Guerdy's health journey, she became aware of her diagnosis at an early stage, allowing her to take immediate action. She made her diagnosis public knowledge in May and had her last chemotherapy session in September.

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The End of Therapy

  • In the wake of her final chemotherapy session, Guerdy confessed feeling a significant “release”, a testament to her strength and resilience.
  • She made a proud announcement at BravoCon, declaring that she is now officially free of cancer.

Guerdy's story, along with the dramas and disputes involving Larsa, can be watched on The Real Housewives of Miami. The show is broadcasted on Bravo, every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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