Is Actor Glen Powell Really Eating 40 Ribs at a Time?

Glen Powell, the 35-year-old actor, is baring it all for the December cover story of Men's Health.

Featured prominently in the photoshoot, Powell is seen exhibiting his well-toned abs as he ascends from a pool. The actor laid bare his dietary habits that have contributed to his impressive physique.

He stated that keeping a check on his portion sizes helps him maintain his form. Powell shared an anecdote from his past, recalling a time when he consumed over 40 ribs in one go. However, he now strives to regulate his eating habits.

In the run-up to the filming of the iconic beach scene for Top Gun: Maverick, Powell, along with his co-stars, adhered to a controlled diet. Once done with the scene, the cast indulged in a little celebration featuring beer and tater tots.

Top Gun: Maverick

In the 2022 action-packed film Top Gun: Maverick, Powell played the role of Lieutenant Jake “Hangman” Seresin. He worked alongside veteran actor Tom Cruise, aged 61, to capture the character's confidence and audacious attitude.

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Upcoming Projects

The actor's next venture is a romantic comedy titled Anyone But You, which is set to hit the screens on December 22. During CinemaCon, Powell and his co-star Sydney Sweeney ignited rumors of a possible romance. It's worth noting that Powell had recently parted ways with Gigi Paris, while Sweeney was engaged to Jonathan Davino.

The rumors and public scrutiny of his led Powell to express his discomfort, labeling it as disconcerting and unjust. He recognized the trials that come with dating as a well-known figure, such as fans requesting selfies and unpredictable work schedules.

Despite these hurdles, Powell stressed on his dedication towards being a supportive partner. Recognizing the potential difficulties his lifestyle could cause a significant other, the actor expressed empathy towards any such situation.

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