Is this the Endgame of Harry’s Royal Connections? You Won’t Believe!

Harry, a member of the , has recently been in the news for his relationship with his father, Charles, and his brother, William. Reports indicate that Harry has not been invited to Charles' 75th birthday party.

Harry’s British Visit

Not long ago, Harry took a trip from California, where he currently resides, to attend several events in the UK, including the Invictus Games and the WellChild Awards. While he was there, he paid tribute to his late grandmother, Elizabeth II, marking the first year since her passing.

Despite being in Britain, he did not meet with his father, Charles, or his brother, William. This is seen a continuation of the strained relationship he's had with his since he decided to step back from his senior royal duties in 2020 and move to the United States.

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The Tension within the Royal Family

The tension and disagreements between Harry and the other royal members have reportedly brought Charles and William closer. In response to the criticisms from Harry and his wife, Meghan, they have had to show a ‘united front'.

Harry’s Absence in Charles’ Birthday Celebration

Charles' birthday will be held at Clarence House in London. Despite earlier reports suggesting that Harry declined an invitation to the event, it has been confirmed that he hasn't been contacted about an invitation at all.

Harry’s Memoir: Spare

Harry's experiences with the royal family have been documented in his , titled “Spare”. In it, he shares his experiences and insights from being a member of one of the most famous families in the world.

The Last Meeting

It's worth noting that Harry and Charles last saw each other in May at Charles' coronation. However, Meghan, Harry's wife, did not attend the occasion.

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