“Kailyn Lowry shockingly swears off having more kids!

If you're a fan of Teen Mom 2, you're probably aware that Kailyn Lowry recently increased her size with the birth of twins. Lowry, along with her boyfriend Elijah Scott, are now proud parents of a son and a daughter. This recent addition to her family makes for a total of six kids for Lowry, and she has made it clear that she is done having .

Family Expansion

Lowry and Scott shared the happy news of their twins' arrival on Lowry's , “Barely Famous”. The twins, who have yet to have their birth dates disclosed, arrived four minutes apart. It's interesting to note that this podcast episode was actually recorded when the twins were already six weeks old!

Besides the twins, the couple are also parents to a 14-month-old son named Rio. Not stopping there, Lowry has four more kids from her past – Isaac, 14, with Jo Rivera; Lincoln, 10, with Javi Marroquin; and Lux, 6, along with Creed, 2, with Chris Lopez.

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No More Kids for Lowry

Along with the joyous announcement of her newborn twins, Lowry also revealed her decision to not have any more children. As a way to ensure this, she underwent a tubal ligation surgery. This procedure, which prevents future pregnancies, was performed during her C-section for the twins and extended the surgery by 30 minutes.

Lowry even confirmed that she had the opportunity to see her tubes before the procedure was completed. She admits to having had brief moments of doubt, but remains unrepentant, asserting that she does not regret her decision.

A Complete Family

Lowry has not only expressed satisfaction with her decision to leave her child-bearing years behind, but she also feels content with the size of her family. With six children, she believes her family is now complete.

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