Is Thurston’s Love Life Out of Control?

At the age of 32, Thurston takes to Instagram Story to address her eager followers. An intriguing video of her clasping the hand of an unknown man has raised many eyebrows. Thurston's life is a hot topic since her last public relationship with Vince Xu from FBoy Island.

Thurston and Xu, her former lover, met during the gripping third season finale of FBoy Island. The pair not only confessed their love for each other but also walked away with a grand prize of ,000. This relationship was captured through various selfies posted on Instagram, showcasing their bond and the mutual appreciation they shared.

Yet, in a shocking turn of events, Thurston later confirmed that her relationship with Xu had come to an end. This revelation came just hours after their expressed affection on .

and Thurston's

Thurston's stint on reality TV began in 2021, during Matt James' season of The Bachelor. Following her appearance on the show, Thurston was cast as the next Bachelorette. This led to her engagement with Blake Moynes, a relationship that unfortunately ended within three months.

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Continuing her reality TV journey, Thurston found herself entangled with John Hersey, who she had previously sent home during the second week of The Bachelorette. Despite their reconnection, this relationship suffered a similar fate, with the couple parting ways less than a year later.

Thurston's First Post-Hersey Experience

Post-breakup with Hersey, Thurston decided to participate in FBoy Island. This decision was driven by a cocktail of motives – the prospect of finding love, the opportunity to win money, and the chance to make new friends. However, the disillusionment with reality TV dating was evident following her split with Vince Xu.

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