Queen Elizabeth II Dead: How Harry Learned the Shocking News!

Harry, 39, was unaware of the death of Queen Elizabeth II until he received a call from his father, King Charles III. The news hit him unexpectedly, and he was told to immediately make his way to Scotland. The Queen had passed away at the grand age of 96 on September 8, , at the royal Balmoral Estate.

Harry’s Urgent Travels

Harry located an expensive yet available flight from Luton Airport costing ,000 to quickly arrive in Scotland. His arrival occurred just hours after the official announcement of the Queen's death, displaying the urgency of his journey. Amidst the chaos, he struggled to communicate with his brother, Prince William, regarding their respective travel plans, leaving him to navigate the situation alone as other family members had their flights secured.

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Uninformed until After Takeoff

Harry was kept in the dark about the Queen's passing until after his plane took off. This meant that he was unaware of the sad news until after he landed in Scotland. The unfortunate news of the Queen's death was already public knowledge before Harry's arrival, with the facts coming to him via a text message from his wife, Meghan, 42, after his plane touched down.

Family Politics

Harry was wanted by his father at Balmoral, but Meghan was excluded from this request. Charles cited protocol as the reason for Meghan's exclusion, despite confirmation of her initial plans to accompany Harry. In a similar manner, Kate Middleton, William's spouse, also remained behind, her responsibilities tied with their children's first day at a new school.

Harry’s Tribute to the Queen

In the wake of events, Harry released a heartfelt statement, celebrating the Queen's “everlasting legacy”. He recognized her unwavering commitment to service and duty and acknowledged the global admiration and respect she held. His praise for her dignified grace did not go unnoticed and he expressed that she would be sorely missed by the world.

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