See How This Mom is Dealing With a Heartrending Loss

Shannon, aged 44, recently shared on the heartbreaking news of her 29-year-old daughter Cardwell's passing away. The occurred at their home, peacefully, amid the comforting presence of her members.

Cardwell, diagnosed with stage IV in March, was declared terminally ill in July. Despite her condition, she wished for her memorial service to be broadcasted via TikTok. However, respecting her memory, the family has decided to open it to the public instead.

Eldridge Toney, Cardwell's husband, together with their children Kaitlyn, aged 11, and Kylee, aged 8, survives her. To honour Cardwell's wish, Shannon requested assistance in getting her TikTok account to 1 million followers before the memorial service.

The memorial service will be held in the solemn ambience of White Columns funeral home, located in Gordon, Georgia.

Cardwell's sister, Alana, paid tribute to her through an post, referring to Cardwell as a fighter and swearing to carry on her legacy. Alana expressed regret that Cardwell would not see her graduate from college, yet included the heartfelt belief that Cardwell would be cheering for her from heaven.

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