Shocking! College student found dead over spring break

Riley Strain, a student from the University of Missouri tragically lost his life at the age of 22 during a trip to Nashville.

Details About His Unfortunate Death

His was not suspicious as there were no signs of foul play and it was declared accidental. Strain's body was discovered in the Cumberland River on March 22, almost eight miles from Nashville, two weeks after he was reported missing. Strain was visiting Nashville as part of a Delta Chi fraternity trip.

Strain’s Last Seen Location and Interaction

He was last seen on March 8 at Luke Bryan's Luke's 32 Bridge Food + Drink restaurant. Surveillance footage also showed Strain, who appeared to be under influence, walking with a homeless man and interacting with a police officer just prior to his disappearance. His bank card was later found near the intersection of Cumberland River and Gay Street.

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Investigation into Bryan’s Bar

Despite the death being ruled accidental, Bryan's bar is currently under scrutiny for potentially serving alcohol to Strain, who seemed to be already intoxicated. TC Restaurant Group, the company that owns the restaurant, is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation. As of now, neither the country singer Luke Bryan nor his establishment has issued a statement regarding the tragic incident.

Family’s Request for a Second Autopsy

Following the release of the initial autopsy report, Strain's has asked for a second autopsy to be performed. As a result, a private autopsy was subsequently carried out on Strain.

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