Shocking: Jake Funk Barges In on Hannah Ann Sluss’s Bridal Shower!

With a surprise visit from her future husband, Jake Funk, Hannah Ann Sluss's bridal shower was anything but ordinary. This 27-year-old was caught unawares by Funk, a year after their became public and just months after their in January .

Unexpected Appearance at the Bridal Shower

Jake Funk, a 26-year-old, brought a bouquet of flowers to his fiancée's luncheon held at 1 Hotel Nashville. Not typically one for bridal showers, Funk made an exception for his future wife, as he teasingly posted on .

Guest List of Bachelor Alums

Among the attendees included Victoria Fuller and Lauren Lane, fellow Bachelor alumni and friends of Sluss. Their presence added further glamour and excitement to the occasion, making the event truly memorable.

Heartfelt Thank You

Through her Instagram account, Sluss expressed her gratitude to everyone who was present at the . Her heartfelt thanks underlined the joy she felt on this day, which was made special with the unexpected visit of her fiancé and the company of her close friends.

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