Discover the Dark Side of Hollywood with Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, one of 's most recognizable faces, is all set to share her early experiences in the industry in her upcoming , .

Rebel's ‘No Assholes' Policy

Known for her straightforwardness, Wilson discloses having a strict ‘no assholes' work policy in her memoir. This approach, often endorsed by seasoned industry veterans, involves refusing to collaborate with troublesome individuals. In an intriguing twist, she reveals an experience of working with a ‘massive asshole' on an unidentified film project.

Misconduct Allegations

Wilson has previously brought up being subjected to workplace mistreatment. She revealed nearly half a decade ago her sexual harassment encounter with a male co-star. The man allegedly requested her to engage in a sexual act while his friends attempted to document it. Wilson, standing her ground, reported the incident to the film studio through her attorney.

Under Threat and Harassment

Wilson also recounts how she faced pressure from a representative of this star, who insisted she back the star. She adamantly refused to bow to this threat. Further, in a 2014 radio discussion, the accused Sacha Baron Cohen, her co-star in The Brothers Grimsby, of harassment.

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Dubious Encounters with a ‘Big-time' Director

In another incident, she points fingers at an unnamed ‘big-time' director who allegedly tried to serve her alcohol in his hotel room, hinting at the intention of sleeping with her. Wilson overheard a telephonic conversation between the director and his wife, which led her to exit the room promptly.

Rebel Rising: A Peek into Wilson’s Hollywood Journey

Rebel Rising is sure to offer an insightful look into Wilson's early Hollywood experiences, potentially including the identity of the aforementioned ‘massive asshole.' The memoir is expected to hit the shelves on April 2, with pre-orders currently open.

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