Shocking: Ryan Reynolds Wants to Become a Sister!

Barbie Film Screening and Ferrera’s Performance

Reynolds took to to express his admiration for Ferrera's acting prowess in Barbie. His comments were met with a playful response from Ferrera, who humorously quipped that he couldn't borrow the pants from the film.

Sustained Friendship Over Years and Reunion

The between Ferrera, Tamblyn, Lively, and Bledel goes back to 2005 when they first starred together in the film ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'. Their bond has remained unbroken since, as they again shared screen space in the sequel in 2008. The latest had Lively posting pictures on Instagram and lauding Ferrera's performance in Barbie, her personal development, and the influence she continues to have on women.

Responses and Hopes for Another Sequel

Ferrera expressed her gratitude to Lively for her heart-warming words on Instagram. The reunion has stirred up excitement among , triggering speculations about a potential third installment of the film series. Though there are no immediate plans in place, Lively and Bledel have expressed their belief that another sequel is possible and have even proposed a third film.

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