Shocking: These Famous Actors are in a Buzzing Off-Screen Romance!

Discover the real-life romance unfolding behind the scenes of a popular Hulu series. In the spotlight are actors White and Patten, a couple both on and off-screen.

White and Patten, both 27, got into a romantic not just for the camera but in real life too. Interestingly, their story began two years ago during the audition for the series in which they play a couple.

The subject of the series is based on the novel “Tell Me Lies” penned by Carola Lovering. It depicts a fictional couple, portrayed by White and Patten, immersed in a toxic liaison.

In the series, they step into the shoes of college students Lucy and Stephen. The first season saw Sagal, playing the role of Stephen's mother, unveiling that her son and his girlfriend were a real-life couple.

However, the duo has maintained a cloud of mystery around their relationship status in public interviews. Despite this, they've given fans a peek into their off-screen moments together, documenting their time in New York and Los Angeles. They have even made appearances at red carpet events and shared snapshots on platforms.

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Future plans for the series

Despite a delay due to writer and strikes, fans can anticipate the series' for a second season. The series got a renewal nod in November 2022, with filming slated to commence later this year.

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