Surprise! Lil Nas X Claims to Pursue Biblical Studies

Acclaimed recently shared a surprising reveal, alleging he's been accepted into Liberty University for biblical studies. The rapper's new direction seems to have a Christian-focus, sparking intrigue and curiosity among his .

Lil Nas X made the announcement via a post on his account. The post included what appeared to be an acceptance letter from Liberty University. Interestingly, the letter was reportedly signed by the former president of the institution, Jerry Falwell, who actually died in 2007. This revelation has led many of his fans to question the validity of the letter, suspecting it might just be another of the rapper's renowned pranks.

Music in a New Light

In line with his freshly claimed religious educational pursuits, the rapper is reportedly pivoting his music to focus more on Christian themes. In fact, the first hint of this new direction was witnessed back in November 2023. The “Old Town Road” rapper's new single, aptly named “J Christ”, due for release on January 12, is said to be a dedication to Jesus.

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Teaser of New Music Video

Adding to the anticipation, Lil Nas X recently shared a snippet of what appears to be a new music video. The preview showcases him dressed as an angel, surrounded by impersonators of renowned figures such as Ed Sheeran, Mariah Carey, Barack Obama, and Kanye West. Accompanying this visual spectacle, the lyrics of the song hint at invoking assistance from divine entities.

A New Christian Era in Music?

Whether this Christian-focused phase is a temporary gimmick or a lasting shift in Lil Nas X's music isn't clear. Nonetheless, fans eagerly await the release of “J Christ”, the rapper's newest single, to gain more insight into this new chapter in his music.

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