“Steal a Peek into Celebrity Winter Vacations in 2019”

Winter vacations are popular among the well-known, with the mountains being a favored destination. Let's take a glimpse into their snowy escapes, packed with gatherings and outdoor activities.

Let's start with the family winter trip of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. In the closing month of 2019, the couple whisked their offspring away to Aspen, Colorado. This was more than just a private family trip, as there were also members of Ross' extended family. One notable attendee was Ross' sister, Tracee Ellis Ross, prominently known for her role in the popular show, Black-ish.

The fun was taken to another level with themed activities. The family didn't miss a beat when it came to outfit coordination, with matching pajamas being the attire of choice during their snow-filled exploits.

Shifting our focus northward to Whistler, Canada, Chelsea Handler opted for a winter retreat in this popular mountain resort. During the holiday season of 2019, she was accompanied by her nieces, nephews, and siblings. This delightful family trip was not just about spending time together but also about engaging in the thrill of winter .

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Handler was particularly excited about the sport of skiing, a fact she was eager to share with her audience. Pictures of her skillfully navigating the snowy slopes surfaced online, showcasing her adventurous side.

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