That Time When Brad Pitt Lived With an Unnamed Roommate and Jason Priestley?

In the world of , many stars live together before they rise to , and one such intriguing story involves Jason Priestley, Brad Pitt, and another man sharing a two-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. This unusual living arrangement is filled with quirky anecdotes that shed light on the then unknown actors' early years.

A Trio of Hollywood Hopefuls

In the beginning, three men crammed themselves into a modest two-bedroom apartment in L.A., dreaming of making it big in Hollywood. These men were none other than Jason Priestley, Brad Pitt, and another roommate, who remains unnamed. Priestley, who later gained popularity in the 90s as Brandon Walsh in ‘Beverly Hills, 90210', and Pitt, who made his mark in Hollywood in the late 80s, were at the start of their careers.

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A Preference for Pitt

The living conditions were far from luxurious, but Priestley has since expressed that he found Pitt to be a more agreeable roommate than the third man. This could be due to Pitt's relaxed demeanor or perhaps it was simply a case of better synergy between the two future stars.

Hygiene Hijinks

In an amusing twist, the trio had notoriously poor hygiene habits. One of their pastimes was a peculiar game to see who could go the longest without showering. It may come as a surprise to many, but the usually impeccably groomed Brad Pitt often emerged victorious in this game of uncleanliness.

Beer-Filled Fridge

Their refrigerator was far from a foodie's dream. Instead of being stocked with a variety of gastronomic delights, it was predominantly filled with beer. However, this probably suited the lighthearted antics and lifestyle of the young, aspiring actors.

An Unusual Christmas Gift Exchange

During their time living together, a memorable moment occurred during a gift exchange in 1989. While most brought the conventional gifts of Jack Daniels and cigarettes, Pitt, fresh from a visit in Missouri, gifted everyone Bibles. Showing the lasting sentimentality of this gesture, Priestley still possesses the Bible that Pitt gave him.

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Long-lasting Friendship

Even though Priestley and Pitt only lived together for a short period, their prevailed. Despite their individual journeys to stardom, they maintained a bond that has transcended their peculiar early living conditions.

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