The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes, with their contemporary design and high functionality, are a hot trend, especially in cold weather conditions. These robust footwear options offer a bold statement and are versatile enough to be worn through winter, , and fall. Interestingly, despite their voluminous appearance, not all chunky shoes are hefty. Lightweight alternatives are available and often favored over their “heavy” or “dense” counterparts.

Curated Collection of Lightweight Chunky Shoes

A compilation of 21 pairs of lightweight boots and come highly recommended:


  • Black suede boots with a zip-up front, previously priced at , now available for .
  • Minimalist block-heel boots made from leather, discounted from to .
  • Winter white boots featuring a 2-inch platform, earlier , currently .
  • Lace-up boots with an edgy design, marked down from to .
  • Dr. Marten's signature chunky boots priced at .
  • Wild west coast boots designed by Katy Perry for .
  • Suede boots in a soothing taupe color, reduced from to .
  • Casual-styled Kentucky Derby boots, previously , now .
  • Comfortably chunky Ugg boots, down from to .
  • Stylish wedges for icy conditions priced at .
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  • Sporty design sneakers by Michael Kors for .
  • Stylish kicks, earlier , now .
  • Neutral shoes, down from to .
  • Extra cushioned sneakers for .
  • Platform Vans in vibrant colors for .
  • Sneakers featuring a thick heel and 1.5 inch platform, marked down from to .
  • -forward high tops, discounted from to .
  • Comfortable running sneakers, down from to .
  • Versatile shoes by Tommy Hilfiger, earlier , now .
  • Leather shoes adorned with jewels for .
  • Fila's classic style chunky shoes, reduced from to .

For those who are interested in exploring more chunky shoe styles, Zappos hosts a variety of options and is definitely worth a visit for some noteworthy .

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