Shocking Health Scare for 90’s TV Star: Details Revealed

Mitchell, now aged 45, has recently been through a health scare which triggered substantial concern. His journey towards recovery, which he attributes to the divine intervention of God and the expertise of healthcare professionals, has been a trying ordeal.

Initially, Mitchell suffered from symptoms of severe dehydration. In an attempt to rectify this, he increased his water intake. However, his condition only deteriorated further – he began experiencing numbness throughout the right side of his body, specifically in his arm and leg, in addition to difficulties swallowing.

In his panicked state, Mitchell made his way to the hospital. Sadly, his fears were confirmed when he failed multiple diagnostic tests and doctors observed a decline in his motor skills. His health scare had become a reality.

After further examination, doctors discovered an existing bulging disc injury was pressing on a nerve, causing Mitchell's alarming symptoms. Once the root cause was found, the journey to recovery could begin in earnest.

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Sharing the news of his health scare, Mitchell's wife, Asia Lee, took to , updating the public on his condition. Together since 2012, the couple share two , Wisdom and Honor. From a previous , Mitchell has two more daughters, Allure and Lyric.

Sympathetic messages and well wishes from Mitchell's friends have been pouring in, wishing him a quick recovery. Among them was Kenan Thompson, a long-term friend and coworker who expressed his concerns using praying hands emojis.

Mitchell and Thompson have a friendship that dates back to 1994, originating on the set of Nickelodeon's “All That”. This friendship turned professional when the pair starred in their own spinoff show, “Kenan & Kel”.

The popular show ran for four seasons and is best known for its famous “Good Burger” skit. This skit was so successful, it led to a movie in 1997. The nostalgia continues with a sequel, “Good Burger 2”, set to hit Paramount+ on November 22, featuring the of Thompson and Mitchell's characters.

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