The Untold Truth Behind Netflix’s Hottest Series: Sex/Life!

Get a glimpse into the behind the scenes of the steamy series Sex/Life, premiered in June 2021. Discover how intimacy coordinator, Casey Hudecki, navigates between real-life and on-screen to ensure actors feel secure and free.

Casey Hudecki: A Pillar of Support on Set

Casey Hudecki, the intimacy coordinator for Sex/Life, began working early in the season to establish a secure environment for the actors on set. Her role was not limited to coordinating NSFW scenes, but also extended to providing a safe space for the actors who were involved in real-life relationships, such as Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos.

Protecting On-and-Off-Screen Relationships

Not only did Hudecki ensure safety and for all actors on set, but she also took steps to safeguard the personal relationships of those involved romantically off-set. A prime example of this was the case of Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, who sparked a real-life romance while filming the series. Hudecki closely liaised with them, providing guidance to help protect their while they navigated their on-screen involvements.

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Cultivating a Safe and Fun Environment

According to Hudecki, her efforts paid off wonderfully with Adam and Sarah. Not only did they feel secure with each other on set, but also found comfort and ease that allowed them more freedom to play in their scenes. As a result, Hudecki contributed to fostering a set where actors could feel safe to express themselves, nurturing a work atmosphere where fun and creativity thrived alongside professionalism and respect.

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