Tori and Zach Roloff Leave Famous Show: You Won’t Believe Why!

After a long run on the popular show ‘Little People, Big World', Tori and Zach Roloff have decided to take a step back from reality TV. Their announcement was made public through a YouTube video, indicating a shift of focus in their lives.

The couple elaborated on their daunting decision, revealing that they have closed this chapter of their lives for multiple reasons. One of the key elements was the intense last season of the show, which posed severe challenges due to disputes and complications related to the Roloff Farms property.

Zach Roloff’s Background

Zach Roloff, being one of the eldest sons of Matt and Amy Roloff, had been part of the show since its inception. Unfortunately, the family dynamics took a hit in 2016 when Matt and Amy decided to part ways. Post the dissolution of their , Amy divested her shares in the Roloff Farms, handing them over to Matt.

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Roloff Farms Property

A series of events followed this decision in 2021. Matt, having acquired full control of the property, decided to sell part of the land. He attributed this decision to the apparent lack of interest from his in inheriting the farm. This claim was, however, contradicted by Zach who retorted by saying that he had always shown willingness to take over the farm.

In light of these incidents, Zach and his family – Tori and their three children: Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah, decided to move to Washington, away from the farm and the show.

The Future of Little People, Big World

Interestingly, the future of the show ‘Little People, Big World' remains nebulous. With the production of season 26 yet to commence, there's some speculation whether the show will continue without the Roloff couple; Amy Roloff seemed evasive when asked about what lies ahead.

Confirming their , Tori expressed that both she and Zach had lost faith in the format, emphasizing on the challenges the last year presented to them, both personally and professionally.

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