“Unbelievable: Tammy Slaton Sheds Over 500 Pounds!”

After a life-altering weight loss , TLC's 1000-Lb. Sisters' star, Tammy Slaton, is navigating her new world and sharing her experiences with her fanbase.

Tackling New Challenges

Her significant weight loss journey, shared with her sister Amy, is documented on the show. Her brother, Chris Combs, announced that she shed 115 pounds during a stay at an Ohio rehab facility and that the total weight loss has reached more than 500 pounds following her gastric bypass surgery in September 2022.

Impact on Health

In a People interview in June 2023, Slaton opened up about the positive effects of her weight loss on her health. Among these improvements, she reported no longer requiring her tracheostomy tube for daytime breathing, though she continues to monitor her oxygen levels throughout the day, keeping her machine close by when needed. At night, however, she still depends on her oxygen machine.

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Dietary Changes

Embracing major dietary shifts, Slaton shares her progress on , featuring her remarkable reduction in soda consumption, from 8-12 cans per day to none. Her preferred beverages now include tea, sugar-free Gatorade, Crystal Light packets, and water.

In a now-removed comment, she revealed some diet tips that have played a significant role in her weight-loss journey. They consist of high protein intake, low carb consumption, sugar avoidance, soda elimination, and keen attention to portion control.

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