Unveiled: Lisa Vanderpump’s Unexpected Soft Spot in Upcoming Vanderpump Rules Season!

The next season of is set to witness drama, as hinted by Scheana Shay's comments on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Shay reveals a “softer spot” Lisa Vanderpump has for Sandoval, adding a new twist to the story line.

A New Season Begins

of Vanderpump Rules kickstarts three months after Sandoval's scandalous affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, and his subsequent from Madix. Vanderpump, following the reveal of the affair, urged viewers to mitigate their fury towards Sandoval and Leviss. The season is set to air on Bravo and will be available on Peacock for streaming the following day.

Vanderpump’s Stance

Vanderpump has been caught in the crossfire since the broke. She filmed extra footage with both Madix and Sandoval for Season 10, and found herself on the receiving end of backlash for offering on-screen support to Sandoval. Vanderpump defended her actions by explaining her intention to show compassion towards Sandoval, instead of participating in his public reprimand.

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Madix’s Discontent

Madix expressed displeasure at Vanderpump's stance, considering her support for Sandoval during the season 10 finale as overly sympathetic. Nevertheless, Vanderpump has indicated that choosing a side was not easy for her, likening Madix and Sandoval to of her own. This didn't stop her from showing her support for Madix, as seen when she attended the Dancing With the Stars season 32 finale where Madix was a participant.

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