Unveiling the Rough Story Behind Hulu’s ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’

Michael Aloni, distinguished , advocates the use of Hulu's ‘We Were the Lucky Ones' as an educational tool for younger audiences unfamiliar with the Holocaust. The series, inspired by Georgia Hunter's 2017 book, narrates the gripping tale of the Kurcs, a Jewish 's struggle to survive and reunite amidst World War II.

Notably, this astounding story is brought to life by an ensemble cast that includes Lior Ashkenazi, Robin Weigert, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Joey King, Amit Rahav, Logan Lerman, and Hadas Yaron. The aim of the series, as Aloni sees it, is to serve as a stark reminder of the Holocaust horrors and to underline the destructive force of hate.

Casting Perspectives and Off-Set Chemistry

Playing the character Selim, Aloni had the privilege of working directly with Hunter, the author of the book. This allowed him to delve deeper into Selim's character and portray it more accurately. Hadas Yaron, another cast member, shared a personal connection with the series' theme as an Israeli. She believes that awareness of the Holocaust is ingrained in their DNA.

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Robin Weigert, playing the role of the Kurc family matriarch Nechuma, spoke fondly of her character's immense capacity for . Despite the grim circumstances, Nechuma remains hopeful for her children's future, viewing nurturing as a key survival strategy. Surprisingly, in contrast to the series' sober theme, the cast had enjoyable moments off-set. Weigert shared that they spent their free time playing tennis, exploring nearby cities, and having dinners in Bucharest.

Streaming Information

For those interested, ‘We Were the Lucky Ones' is now streaming on Hulu. This series provides a powerful historical insight into one of humanity's darkest periods, fostering a greater understanding and reminder of the past.

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