What Secrets are Gomez and Blunt Hiding from the Red Carpet?

Reeling from a rollercoaster of rumors at the award season, Gomez and Blunt had their share of speculations. Here's the fact-checked narrative everyone's curious about.

Rumors Swirling Around Gomez

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, Gomez and Blunt were seen at the AFI Awards luncheon, posing for a photo with their mouths covered. This led to numerous conjectures on social media about what their ‘behind-the-scenes' talks could be about. It wasn't just another day on the red carpet, as they were both present at the Golden Globes owing to their acting nominations.

The buzz didn't stop there. Gomez found herself at the center of another rumor where it was suggested that she was turned down for a photograph by Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet. However, Us Weekly has refuted this, putting an end to the hearsay. Following this, Gomez decided to take a step back from social media.

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After a short break, the returned to social media, promoting her cooking series and not missing a beat. She also made it clear that her conversation at the AFI luncheon was a casual chat about friends who were seeing each other, not a dispute with Chalamet.

Blunt’s Golden Globes Appearance with Krasinski

Adding to the Golden Globes glamour, actress Blunt graced the event in the company of her husband, John Krasinski. The spotlight followed them off the red carpet too. Social media speculations arose about Krasinski supposedly whispering ‘divorce', or discussing the weather with Blunt.

However, a close source confirmed that the gossip surrounding Blunt and Krasinski's was unfounded. There were no evidences of marital discord, putting the split rumors to rest. As for the speculation about their private conversation during the event, neither Blunt nor Krasinski have offered any additional comments.

The world is no stranger to rumors, but it's vital to separate the wheat from the chaff. Despite the rumors, Gomez and Blunt continue to shine brightly in their careers and personal lives.

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