Beware! The Latest AI Scam Involving Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club Will Shock You

A cunning act of deceit unfolded recently as an artificial intelligence scammer posed as a representative from Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club, attempting to solicit a performance from Joe Gorga.

The fraudster portrayed themselves convincingly, even going as far as to draw up a counterfeit contract for Gorga’s appearance. To lend further credibility to their ruse, the scam artist also provided a link for ticket sales. For a brief period of 24 hours, Gorga, unaware of the scam, promoted the spurious event.

Unveiling the Scam

The deceit was eventually exposed by Brad Garrett himself, who became aware of the scam and took it upon himself to notify his followers. He made it clear that the proposed show, which had been advertised to feature Joe Gorga, comedian Jaclyn Marfuggi, and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Frank Catania, would not be happening at his club.

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Upon learning the true nature of the event, Gorga expressed disappointment. He vocalized understanding for the situation, acknowledging that he had been fooled by a sophisticated scam. Gorga stated that until Garrett brought it to his attention, he was completely unaware that the event had been arranged by a fraudulent promoter.

Making Amends

A representative for Gorga confirmed that contracts were indeed signed, adding that anyone who was misled into purchasing tickets for the nonexistent show would receive a full refund. In a final reassuring statement, Garrett affirmed that Gorga was not to blame for the unfortunate incident, but was simply a victim of a hoax perpetrated by a sophisticated imposter on Facebook.

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