Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Spotted Showing Deep Affection in NYC

Renowned , and Ryan Reynolds, were recently seen in New York City, where their captivating display of affection and unique fashion choices made headlines.

The power couple, aged 36 and 47 respectively, were spotted on Friday, November 10, adding their touch of elegance and effortless style to the bustling city. In clear display of their close-knit relationship, often characterized as ‘very romantic', they were seen hand in hand.

Blake, known for her trendy outfits, chose an olive-colored coat for the occasion. She paired this with a striped yellow sweater and straight-leg jeans. Adding a touch of opulence to her outfit was a Louis Vuitton handbag, while Converse high-top added an element of casual chic.

Ryan, no less fashionable, matched his wife with an olive jacket. He opted for a flannel shirt, khakis, and white slip-on shoes for a laid-back look. Interestingly, his attire featured a gray beanie and a jacket bearing the crest of Wrexham AFC – a Welsh soccer team he co-owns alongside Rob McElhenney.

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The couple, who celebrated their 11th anniversary in September 2022, is blessed with four children. The family unity is reportedly strong, as confirmed by Reynolds during a February interview on CNBC's Power Lunch. He mentioned that they were all doing great, further strengthening their image as one of 's long-lasting .

In a delightful show of support, Lively and the children have been avid supporters of Reynolds' soccer team. Since the new ownership, they've regularly attended multiple soccer games to cheer the team on. This support seems to have had a positive impact as Wrexham AFC has made an impressive comeback, getting promoted to the EFL after a long gap of 15 years.

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