Discover the Dark Side of the Vanderpump Rules Superstars’ Saga

, aged 29, recently opened up on her popular podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue” about her relationship with the 41-year-old Sandoval. She brings light to a vital period of her life where she was in a treatment center for 90 days.

During her stay at the center, she mentioned how maintaining communication with Sandoval was a part of her routine. Interestingly, Sandoval showed signs of being upset if he didn't hear from her within a day or two.

Maintaining Emotional Needs

A sense of obligation to cater to Sandoval's emotional needs was felt by Leviss. Sandoval was often critical of her actions. He went as far as to label Leviss as selfish and accused her of avoiding her problems.

Leviss contends that Sandoval attempted to manipulate her feelings for focusing on her . She feels this has led to a broken that cannot be repaired.

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Public Apologies and Split-ups

The relationship between Sandoval and his long-term partner Ariana Madix ended after almost a decade due to his unfaithfulness. Before facing an uproar from their Vanderpump Rules co-stars, both Leviss and Sandoval made public apologies.

A Journey for Mental Health

After the Bravo special, in April 2023, Leviss committed herself to a 90-day program at a mental health facility. The objective was to gain a better grasp of her behavior and the factors leading her into unhealthy relationships. She praises the Arizona-based treatment center for aiding her in scrutinizing her past decisions.

During her time at the center, she became knowledgeable about love addiction and its impacts. This breakthrough led her to confirm in August 2023, that she wouldn't be returning for the 11th season of Vanderpump Rules.

Post-treatment Episode

Seemingly unable to accept this, Sandoval attempted to reach out to Leviss publicly on several occasions. In response, Leviss decided to block Sandoval on and shared screenshots of these attempts.

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Sandoval did not respond positively to this and publicly berated Leviss's actions on , branding them as immature and childish.

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