Discover Why Wilson Says Never Work with Baron Cohen Again!

Wilson accuses Baron Cohen of suggesting a government staged to promote a film. This accusation involves a plan to rent a boat in Cape Town for public viewing and making people feel uncomfortable. Wilson indicates that working alongside Baron Cohen was her most negatively viewed professional experience.

Uncomfortable Encounter

Wilson shares a detailed account of an allegedly uncomfortable interaction with Baron Cohen in her . She mentions an incident at an MTV Movie Awards dinner party wherein Baron Cohen did not laugh at her jokes, which she found quite off-putting.

Baron Cohen in Wilson’s Memoir

The memoir, titled ‘', identifies Baron Cohen as a “massive jerk”. Set to be published on April 2, it is said to contain more details about the discomfort Wilson felt during their interactions. Wilson alleges that Baron Cohen is making attempts to stop her memoir from reaching the public.

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Differing Accounts

A source connected to the film contradicts Wilson's account, denying that the boat conversation ever took place. Similarly, a representative for Baron Cohen refutes Wilson's claims, stating unequivocally that they are untrue and can be proven as such by evidence.

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