Discover Why Wilson Says Never Work with Baron Cohen Again!

Discover Why Wilson Says Never Work With Baron Cohen Again!

Wilson accuses Baron Cohen of suggesting a government staged scandal to promote a film. This accusation involves a plan to rent a boat in Cape Town for public viewing and making people feel uncomfortable. Wilson indicates that working alongside Baron Cohen was her most negatively viewed professional experience. Uncomfortable Encounter Wilson shares a detailed account … Read more

Discover the Dark Side of Hollywood with Rebel Wilson

Discover The Dark Side Of Hollywood With Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, is all set to share her early experiences in the industry in her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising. Rebel’s ‘No Assholes’ Policy Known for her straightforwardness, Wilson discloses having a strict ‘no assholes’ work policy in her memoir. This approach, often endorsed by seasoned industry veterans, involves refusing … Read more