Elisabeth Moss’ Love Life: What You Never Knew!

The of Elisabeth Moss, known for her role in The Handmaid's Tale, has often sparked curiosity. This article seeks to provide some context into her previous and how she has chosen to handle her in recent years.

The Moss-Armisen Relationship

Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen first crossed paths on the set of Saturday Night Live. Not too long after her appearance in a sketch with her Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm, the couple got engaged. The didn't last though, and the pair split in 2010.

Armisen’s Impersonation Skills

Later, Moss revealed an interesting insight about Armisen's behaviour. She implied that he had a knack for pretending to be someone he's not in real life. This was the first time she had publicly aired this perspective by March 2012.

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A shift in Moss’s Approach to Her Love Life

Fast forward to 2019, Moss decided to adopt a more private stance with regard to her life. Distancing herself from unnecessary publicity, she expressed a wish to prevent the overemphasis of her personal relationships.

Love Lives of Other Cast Members

  • Following Moss's decision, the spotlight understandably shifted onto the relationships of other cast members from The Handmaid's Tale.
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