The Scandalous Intersect of Pop Music & College Football: It Will Shock You!

If you're a fan of college football and pop , you might be interested to know that the two worlds sometimes intersect. Let's take a dive into this unlikely pairing.

Taylor Swift: A Connection That Appeals

Lane Kiffin, the renowned football coach from the University of Mississippi Rebels, is not shy about his admiration for pop princess Taylor Swift. He has publicly voiced his appreciation for Swift's musical talent and her ability to connect with a broad audience through her music's narratives.

The Pregame Peach Bowl Episode

During the pregame Peach Bowl press conference, Kiffin was put on the spot. When asked about his favorite Swift song, he couldn't narrow it down to just one. This indicates the depth of his appreciation for her music.

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NFL Players Are Swift Fans Too

And it's not just Kiffin. Several high-profile players, including Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, and Carl Nassib, have also publically expressed their fondness for Swift's music.

Taylor Swift’s Newfound Interest in Football

Interestingly, Swift has recently taken an interest in the sport herself. Her newfound fascination with football can be attributed to her with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. The two have been seeing each other since late July and they confirmed their relationship publicly in September.

Swift’s Attendance at Games

Swift is a frequent fixture at Kelce's games, often in the company of friends and family. Despite some backlash from who believe she distracts from the game, Swift remains committed to supporting her partner.

The Boston Incident

There was an instance during an away game in Boston, where Swift was met with boos from the crowd of New England Patriots fans. This did not deter Swift, nor Kelce, who defended her on his , “New Heights”. He shared that the crowd reaction went ‘absolutely insane' when she appeared on the big screen.

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