Shocking Royal Scandal: Prime Minister’s Dog Kills Gosling

It is a story interlaced with royal intrigue, canine misadventures, and political twists. A tale that involves the former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the Queen, and a curious Jack Russell named Dilly.

Boris Johnson: Prime Minister and Pet Owner

From 2019 to 2022, Boris Johnson held the title of Prime Minister in the United Kingdom. Not only did he manage the affairs of the state, he was also the proud owner of a Jack Russell named Dilly. During Johnson's from COVID-19, he was granted the privilege of using the expansive gardens of Buckingham Palace for walks.

One day, however, a peaceful walk turned into a royal scandal. Dilly, the Jack Russell, attacked and killed a gosling near the palace pond. Opting to avoid further royal , Johnson decided against informing Queen Elizabeth II about the incident.

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The Queen’s Intuition

But Queen Elizabeth II, reigning for 70 years until her in 2022, had a knack for noticing things. She subtly raised the subject during one of her conversations with Johnson. The Queen's first interaction with Johnson was noteworthy for her candid remark – “I don't know why anyone would want the job.”

A New Monarch and Royal Controversy

In May 2023, the Queen's eldest son, King Charles III, ascended the throne. Around this time, another controversy entered the royal narrative. and , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, named their daughter Lilibet – a name made famous by none other than Queen Elizabeth II.

  • A former royal aide went on record stating that the Queen was displeased with the situation.
  • Speculation grew as reports suggested that the Sussexes didn't seek the Queen's permission to use the name.
  • However, an exclusive source contradicted these claims, arguing the Sussexes received the Queen's blessing to name their daughter Lilibet.
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Harry and Meghan’s Family

Lilibet, born in June 2021, was named in honor of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Her middle name, Diana, pays tribute to Harry's late mother, Princess Diana. Lilibet has an elder brother, Archie, aged 4.

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