What’s Olivia’s Forgotten Bra Story That Shook Charleston?

Olivia, aged 31, recently shed light on an occurrence that became a subject of chitchat in Charleston on the Bravo series. Austen, her 36-year-old costar, disclosed in one of the episodes that Olivia had forgotten her bra on his sofa after a movie night.

The star himself clarified that Olivia took off the garment by herself, confirming that there was no romantic involvement between them. Olivia backed this up, stating that there was no romantic liaison and that they had parted ways in October 2022.

She added that if there had been any romance, it would not have been a secret due to the amount of gossip circulating about the forgotten bra. The 30-year-old costar, Venita Aspen, added to the conversation by saying that Charleston is not big enough to hide secrets, subtly suggesting a possible secret meeting.

Cast Reactions

The rest of the cast also reacted to the incident, humorously pondering about the series of events. Leva Bonaparte compared the situation with her own habit of leaving her bra at her friend’s residence. Taylor Ann Green humorously commented that she doesn’t wear bras, hence, she couldn’t understand the situation.

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Olivia’s Take on the Matter

On reviewing the series, Olivia shared her feelings about how the incident affected her friendship with Austen. She acknowledged that although the incident has strained their friendship, she still appreciates his company.

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