The Shocking Truth About Mental Health in Vanderpump Rules

The Shocking Truth About Mental Health In Vanderpump Rules

Ariana, 38, of Vanderpump Rules After Show fame, shares the opinion that professional intervention is the right course of action for dealing with mental health issues, rather than leaning on friends for support. Sandoval’s Declining Mental Health At 63, Lisa became aware of the declining mental health of Sandoval following his split with his girlfriend, … Read more

Discover the Dark Side of the Vanderpump Rules Superstars’ Saga

Discover The Dark Side Of The Vanderpump Rules Superstars' Saga

Leviss, aged 29, recently opened up on her popular podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue” about her relationship with the 41-year-old Sandoval. She brings light to a vital period of her life where she was in a treatment center for 90 days. During her stay at the center, she mentioned how maintaining communication with Sandoval was a … Read more